Bila Diri Sempit Hati


May the Almighty Allah always gave us the open heart, a clear, because it was very hard to face life with a narrow heart. Open heart can be likened to a vast field stretching, although no dog, no snakes, no scorpions, and there are various other wild animals, surely the field will remain wide. Various wild animals are even more seem small compared to the breadth of the field. Conversely, a narrow heart can be likened to when we were in a room mandiyang narrow, with just two mouse alone, would be a problem. Not to mention if you put a dog, lion, or tiger is hungry, it must be much more problematic.

For some reason we often get stuck in the mind that makes our days be days that are not comfortable, which makes our minds become cloudy, full of bad plans. Time after time elapsed often tinged heart conditions boiling, turbulent, full of resentment, hatred sometimes, even more resentment. Feels tired. At bedtime, your brain to think hard to plan how to regurgitate kebenciandan existing resentment in his heart to be satisfied to run out said he hated. Day-to-day is the day grumpy bad eating, sleeping rough due to the concentration and energy is focused to satisfy this hatred.

Ah, friends. It would be miserable people who are tortured by the narrowness of the liver. He will easily offended, and offended when it’s as if not unforgivable, unless already satisfied with the look of people who mentioned it suffering, misery, or powerless.

Often we hear of people who suffered heavily due to hatred. And it turns out that exemplified the Prophet, the Prophets, the scholars who are sincere, people with big hearts, not a grudge exemplifies, hate or heart rot. Exemplified their personalities instead of standing firm like a wall, strong, totally tidakterpancing by verbal abuse, ridicule, hatred, revenge, and other low behaviors. Indeed, his personal every tree whose roots digging into the ground, so solid and strong, until hit by hurricanes and typhoons hit ones, remained steady not budge.

But people who are weak, with only trivial matters though, is panic, anger smolder, and resentment. Although non-Muslims, we can take a lesson from Abraham Lincoln (former President of the United States). He when selecting officials never bother if officials had chosen it likes it or not on him, which he thought was whether it could carry out official duties properly or not.

Some friends and political opponents certainly take advantage of this moment to insult, criticize, and even dropped it, but he kept not budge even with arifnya said, “We are the children of the state, although we do good, however, will still be there are people who criticize and insult. Because of disapproval, contempt is not forever because we are reprehensible or humiliated. Certainly in this life there are people who like to insult and denounce “.

So, he did not bother with insults and taunts of others. Prophet Muhammad, SAW, a perfect human being, it still never insulted, heckled and harassed. How can we model this, nothing is insulting? In fact we are despised real. Remember that we live in this world only once, briefly, and not necessarily a long life, great loss if we can not keep this mood. Keep in mind that the most expensive property in living life this is our mood. Although the house’s narrow, but if our hearts ‘plooong’ field will be felt widely. Though our bodies are sick, but if our hearts are happy, healthy, would taste good. Although our bodies lemes, but if our hearts are strong, it will feel solid. Although our cars cheap brand, our simple model motorcycle, but if our hearts are beautiful, will remain respectable.

Although our skin is dusky, but if his inner beauty, will remain noble. Conversely, what does it mean if his house is roomy narrow?! What does it mean Fried Chicken, Burger, Hoka-Hoka Bento, and all the other good food, if the liver is burning?! What does it mean when the roar of the air-conditioned hearts boil?! What does it mean BMW car, when her asshole?!

So, how do we cope with feelings like this? The first thing we conditioning in the heart of this is that we should be very ready to terkecewakan, because life will not always fit our dengankeinginan. That is, we must be prepared by any circumstances, should not we just be ready with a good situation alone. We must be very prepared with difficult circumstances, as bitter and good at anything. As the proverb says, ‘willing umbrella before it rains’. That is, rain or no rain we’re ready.

The second thing we must do if ever there was one man who disappoint us, is not too bothered, because we shall be lost by our own minds. It’s just forget it. Who shared rizki is ALLAH, who raised the degree is ALLAH, ALLAH is also humiliating. What we need to bother with what people say, until “DOER ‘lips were insulting us, it will not be less given Allah to us. He desperately insulting, rest assured we will not be humiliated by insulting people. We were despised because of our own ignominy.

The Prophet SAW, humiliated, but nonetheless brilliant like a diamond pearl. While the insult him, Abu Jahl miserable. Salman Rushdie can not hide anywhere, Permadi, Arswendo Atmowiloto go to jail. Who sows the wind shall reap the storm. Narrated when insulted the Prophet Isa, he was still smiling, calm, and steady, not the least his answer or reply with dirty words as spoken by a sharp slicing the penghinanya. When asked by his friends, “Ya Rabbi (Teacher), why you did not respond with the same words when you are insulted, even the king replied with kindness?” Prophet Isa, said: “Because each person will spend what they have. If we have bad, then we spend is bad, if we have the glory, so that we spend too noble words.”

Indeed, someone was going to spend what they have. When Ahnaf bin Qais cursed person before entry into the village, “Hey you stupid, insane, insolent!”, Ahnaf bin Qais instead replied, “Already? Still there are others that will be delivered? A moment I entered the village I, if later heard by the entire village, maybe later they will and mengeroyokmu. Come on, if there is still delivered, tell it now! “.

It is also claimed at the time of friends, there is someone who is angry at a friend of the prophet, “Please if you speak five words, I would answer with 10 words. You say one sentence, I would say ten sentences”. Then answered confidently by this friend, “If you say ten words, I will not say a word”.

Therefore, do not bother agree, do dipikirin. Dale Carnegie, in a book tells the story of a ferocious bear pole once, always play at, there is carved a small tree, uprooted and destroyed. In the midst of her tantrums, all of a sudden there are a small animal that passes in front of him. Strangely, he did not hit, so it may come to mind is the bear, “Ah, what the need to hit the small pieces, which are not comparable, that is not detrimental to our interests”.

Believe me, the more easily we take offense, let alone only with trivial things, the more miserable life. In fact, what would life miserable life, because we actually have to make the people who hurt us as the fields of charity, because if no one insulted, persecuted, or hurt, when can we forgive?

Well friends. Precisely because there are opponents, there is an insult, there is a hurt we can forgive. When he was young, just think maybe he did not know how to behave to an old, rather than resentful to him. If he was a child, understand that our values ​​differ with him, how could we be offended by a child. If there are parents who scold us, do not be offended, he may err, as too tuanyua. To be sure we are more forgiving, the more we take the field, the more able to understand others, it will be more secure and Have peace of our lives, Subhan Allah.



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