Freeware Matematika

Freeware matematika dan Website Perangkat lunak bebas terbaik untuk belajar matematika. Subjek termasuk dasar-dasar, seperti perkalian dan pembagian, serta sebagai freeware untuk belajar mata pelajaran yang lebih maju seperti aljabar, geometri dan banyak lagi.



Tux Math Command – A Cool Math Game For Kids

Playing Tux of Math Command, kids will be motivated to memorize the correct answers to math questions so that they can achieve higher levels in the game and get their name in the top score list. Another nice feature kids will love – the graphics are pretty cool too.
Read more… (10/04/2011)


Favorite Timez Attack – Learn Multiplication

Chase dangerous monsters, wind your way through dark tunnels – all while you learn your multiplication! Timez Attack is a first person shooter game where you use math to fight your opponents instead of weapons!
Read more… (06/25/2011)


Microsoft Mathematics – Get the Math Tools You Need

Microsoft now offers an impressive, free application called Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 that will help you solve complicated algebraic equations, geometry calculations and even advanced calculus formulas and graphs like integrals and derivatives
Read more… (02/21/2011)

Yenka – A Math and Science Tutoring Lab Right On Your Desktop

Please note: Yenka is free for home use only
Yenka is a highly interactive, visual application that teaches students fundamental concepts in mathematics, science, technology and computing.
Read more… (11/22/2010)


Rekentest – Free Educational Software To Practice Arithmetic Skills

RekenTest is an arithmetic quiz program that tests your skills in operations such as addition and subtraction, the multiplication tables, decimals, money problems, percentages and fractions.
Read more… (09/24/2010)


Graphing Calculator 3D – An Amazing Free Calculator for Windows

If you are a math or science teacher, or you are an educator for any group of children who need to understand the concept of the graphical representation of formulas, then the free graphing calculator for Windows by the Runiter Company is exactly what you need. This amazing free calculator software will accept any multi-variable formula and will instantly plot it on a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional axis.
Read more… (04/20/2010)


GeoGebra – Geometry, Algebra and Calculus Freeware

GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. GeoGebra is written in Java.
Read more… (12/29/2006)


Tux Math Scrabble

Tux Math Scrabble is a free math game for kids that is similar to the board game Scrabble, but uses numbers instead of letters. Kids get to compete against the animated penguin Tux.
Read more… (11/15/2006)


Graph – Free Graph Plotting Software

This freeware draws graphs of mathematical functions in a coordinate system. Graphs may be plotted with different color and line styles. Both standard functions, parameter functions and polar functions are supported.
Read more… (11/16/2005)



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